How To Download And Use Equantu Quran Speaker APP?Download:click here. At present, the hot-selling moon lamp quran speaker, touch lamp quran speaker, azan clock quran speaker have been exported to various countries, and our products with Equantu APP have appeared on the market. More and more people use Quran products with APP. More and more people experience quran apps. So how to use quran speaker APP.

APP is a new feature of Quran products of Equantu Company. Take  SQ122 azan touch lamp quran speaker as an example.

Equantu koran speakers have dual control functions.

When you can’t find AAA batteries When you can’t find the remote control APP is your first choice

Ⅰ.How to connect our device via Bluetooth

The APP connects with the product through the Bluetooth of the mobile phone. Very convenient. Take our hot-selling product SQ122 azan touch lamp quran speaker as an example.

First start the product, open the mobile App Equantu, click Settings, you can see Bluetooth mode, and enter this page to see the corresponding product model. Just connect.

Ⅱ.Main functions of our APP

1. Choose the whole Holy Quran.

Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Al Ruqyah, Hisnul Muslim, Qaida Noorania, DUAA, Hadith

2.You can select surah and ayat.

Of course, the display screen of our homepage will also display the content of the corresponding article

3. You can choose the translation languages of 14 countries.

4. Our APP can also select reciters.

You can know which celebrity you chose by looking at the picture.

There is no need to press the remote control to select the reciters you want to listen to.

5. We support RGB lighting.

You can adjust the light color and brightness of the Quran products. While playing the holy Quran, you can also see beautiful lights. In addition, it can also become a small night light. Become a bedside night light Quran player for Muslim kids.

6. The most important function is the setting of Azan time.

The accuracy of Azan time is a very important thing for devout Muslims. So a time error is something that cannot be easily forgiven.

Therefore, APP is very advantageous in azan time setting. We can locate automatically based on Bluetooth, or based on latitude and longitude. You can determine the local azan time.

In addition to automatic positioning, it can also fine-tune the time. Help the Muslim believer adjust the azan time.

This is much more convenient than the remote control. Although the remote control can also set the time, if it is not a product that can list the azan time completely. Like the SQ600 wood azan clock, it can clearly display the time product. Other products do not know whether they are adjusted to the correct time.

Ⅲ.Why design this APP?

Equantu believes that the development of the world is progressive. The groups facing the market are young people. Smart phones are an unstoppable trend. So we developed the APP. Cater to the main force of the market.

The use of Quran products should not be limited to the use of remote controls, and should be more in line with the trend of the intelligent age. So Equantu’s Quran products have added smart apps.

By scanning the QR code with the browser of your smartphone, you can download it to the Equantu APP. Very convenient.

Our APP also supports Android system and IOS system.

Our App will continue to improve, develop more features, and is committed to serving Muslims around the world.

Have you learned how to how to use quran speaker APP.?Please contact us if you have other questions 🙂

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